• simply_hrj 22w

    'I am Proud '

    It seems as if it was just a few days ago,
    That He had just opened his eyes,
    Though He remembers nothing of it,
    It just seems to have been so near.

    He had just started to explore the world,
    When Life was forced to rush upon him,
    By the people all around him,
    As He was just a child;
    All unknown to the criminal world stuff,
    He just asked himself too intimidated,
    "Why is all this necessary..??"

    Unknowingly, He stepped into the path
    That he never wanted to even tread upon;
    He became an example of excellence,
    And People all around used his example,
    For all the reasons that were,
    Amazing to the world,
    But agonizing to him.

    He tried breaking hard and broke free,
    From the bondage of misery,
    That had made him a slave,
    But in that attempt,
    He had to bear bruises un-countable.

    He had just broken through,
    When he saw himself,
    Falling from the great heights of expectations,
    Straight on his face,right into the ground.

    He fell too hard but still He got up,
    Tried to explore the world laid in front of him,
    He got close to people,
    Established a bond of trust,
    Things seemed to be going smooth,
    But for reasons never known,
    Intentionally or Un-intentionally,
    He was back-stabbed.

    Left alone with the dagger still in him,
    He walked around with injuries and wounds,
    Things seemed to have went bizzare,
    'Brakes of Peace ' had been removed
    From his ' Life Car'.

    To make things a bit worse,
    He just realized that,
    Neither could he scream nor could he cry,
    Cause he carried this image of 'Tough Guy'.

    He waited, and waited,
    That Some-one, just Any_One,
    Would atleast ask him once,
    As to how he was,
    And he wasn't to the least disappointed,
    There came this masked guy, to help him;
    Who was named 'No_One'.

    'No_One' looked after him,
    Cured all his wounds,
    Helped him heal,
    And helped him make a deal,
    With Dear Life,
    "We're taking it easy from here and now on",
    Said 'No_One' to him,
    And his Life just hugged him tight.

    And there He was up and running,
    Free from all chains,
    Making all the requied amends,
    Trusting only the guy who was worthy,
    His very dear 'No_One'.

    Finally one day when things
    Were running absolutely smooth,
    Dear 'No_One' decided
    That its time to reveal himself,
    And the mask was removed,
    And our He saw himself,
    Standing right in front of Him.

    Things were all just too confusing
    In their apperance, but they were
    Crystal clear in their meaning.

    Mask in his hand, He said to Himself
    With a sweet little smile,
    "You have come really far, that too
    All on your own,now u deserve
    To own Happiness for you,
    And for the person who awaits you."
    And the Mask guy disappeared.

    Our He stood where He was,
    Feeling all possible emotions,
    All at the same time,
    But atleast He understood just in time,
    What He had to convey to Himself.

    And I was there all along,
    Watching all this,
    With my tears wreaking havoc,
    I saw Him; Fall down, Get Hurt,
    Get Broken, Fall into the ground from
    A really great height, And much more;
    But, He just always refused to stay down.

    While I was flushing my face with tears,
    He just smiled and walked ahead,
    Open to embrace all the adventures,
    That await him in his Life.

    I've seen him going through so much,
    I've seen him breaking limits,
    Growing and Evolving, Enormously;
    And in Humongous proportions.

    So it doesn't matter what people think,
    Because I've seen him all along,
    Right from the start,
    And I can truly really say this about him,
    ' I Am Really Proud '.