• rochand 9w


    Sometimes,it better to be silent,
    Than to tell others what you feel
    To you, they may be violent
    Cause they see only the peel
    Not the sweet fruit inside you
    And its hurt badly when you comes to know
    That they can hear you
    But cannot understand you.

    Sometimes, you must have a smile
    When a person says,to walk thousand miles
    You may think it is impossible
    But say to yourself ‘everything is possible'
    And keeps on thinking it is okay
    Just don't look back and don't say
    And yet don't look for other way
    You must just walk away

    you must be happy of your failure
    Yet I am not that sure
    But the more you fail,the more you know
    Because pain teach lessons and make you grow
    From your failure, you learn what you lack
    By moving forward and looking back

    For sometimes you may have lot of pain
    But believe me,the biggest wisdom you will gain