• dipanjan_b 5w

    And there in that holy land,
    The glittering beam of light.
    Illumed lives of mortal men,
    Removing shades of night.

    Born to parents with royal soul,
    He was the king of kings.
    But his choices walked aloof,
    He had his pair of wings.

    The king of Mathura, evil's grace,
    Feared those innocent eyes.
    Being an uncle, planned a plot,
    To make him pay a price.

    He kept on sending devil beings,
    To kill him in all means.
    Each a time, little Krishna
    Smiled through the greens.

    Kansa was now sick of trials,
    His fear had grown inside.
    The one who came to end all sins,
    Will kill him through all sides.

    Krishna, whom we know so well,
    The charming prince on earth.
    Sprinkled showers of bliss and peace,
    Right from the hour of birth.

    Each a girl in Mathura town,
    Craved to have his smile.
    They cherished his name through the lanes,
    Through each barren mile.

    The Lord of Lords, the supreme soul,
    Krishna be the name.
    Through mortal world his name prevails,
    The source of immortal flame.

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