• erendira 24w

    Morning Coffee

    Strangers often tell me
    How they wish they could stay happy
    Just like me.
    That my smile is beautiful and radiant,
    And shines brighter than some people's future.

    Silly right?

    Because in truth
    these teeth grind together every night
    like the darkest foreign coffee beans;
    Pressing hard against eachother
    And become a dust so fine,
    Each grain alone is powerless
    The way I feel in my mind.
    Much like the sadness
    that's held hostage in my eyes.
    But when they ask me how it is
    I'm "just so happy,"
    Fabricating reasons why
    Are more simply flowing lies
    Than confessing
    why I'm really fucking torn inside.

    So when strangers tell me
    They wish they were "just like me"
    I simply take a sip of coffee and pretend
    As is caffeine isn't my artificial happiness
    And honestly, the only one I know.