• crazypanda 5w

    you are a moon whose glow appears on my face��

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    The way you looked at me and smile
    my heart was melt for the first time
    that was a beautiful morning when we
    met .
    my heart starts racing fast.
    you was the first one .....
    and probably the last one either,
    you are my forever dream
    but we can't meet
    my heart still beats very fast
    whenever someone call your name
    and my heart melts again n again
    only for you.
    you don't know this right...
    I love the way you love others
    you are kind ,you are shine
    you are the moon whose glow
    appears on my face.
    your smile makes me fall
    that's true you are a dream
    who can't be mine .
    once I fall for you ....
    and next you should try.