• hajaryussuf 5w

    Have you ever tried to get a panorama view of your brain. Close your eyes and imagine how it would look like?.With the crooked turns, the dench hills, the deep holes and the dark pitches. As you unwire the circuitry,it sometimes feel tiring to stack them onto the stage, holding one end into your hands and other in your mouth. They sometimes curl around your neck and you cringe in apprehension of them getting you whole. You feel the waves vapourising out of your heads, more clouds adding when it’s no season for rains. You realise you are the wind stuck in a trumpet coming out as notes meant to sooth the minds, when you had no plans of getting there in the first place. You’re the drum beating out of someone’s fury.
    You realise your brain holds too much beyond its capability,sometimes. You feel your hair originated from ideas inside of your head, every thought being sent from a distant source and they illuminate the land as to surprise the uninvited guests. The tools for outbound emotions are limited and the process is complex. The brain must have coding systems maybe using binary language depicting on and off for every peak and downhills and a definite set of them translated and sent as messages to every nooks. Brain is sometimes the hanging root that adds support to the nagging trunk that sways in the slightest of breeze. The stars in our eyes sometimes speak out the waves in our heads, but people often need words blanketed in fancy covers to make feel communication has happened. Every long pause could be another leap. So next time close your eyes and feel every blackout as blue, red or even dark. That flicker of light that penetrates is the ray of hope that still remains.