• phoenix_in_ashes 6w

    Dubious fate inclined towards madness
    Navigating its way towards existential crisis
    Towards dystopian depressing days
    Hubris filled people, resentful and obtuse
    Enclosed within a unending labyrinth
    Dwelling for power and wealth, never for life
    In between there're rare few generous ones,
    Through glitches they inherit this world
    Altering its malicious ways with some love
    Trying to conserve the sanity, so endangered
    There's often a chance to cherish these birds
    Who've a gleaming heart, filled with elation
    Always inspired to make smiles more often,
    Not only on theirs but on everyone's canvases
    A relief full sigh their gaze produces
    And you remember even they're gone
    Learned ourself how to be humble to others
    To not find but become what we hope for world.

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