• thefraudwriter 21w

    Dear diary,
    You know what breaks my heart? That people leave. That people don't even remember what was said, what was promised, and what was just so beautiful. And it's not just one incident or one person. What hurts is that so many times, with so many people, you have to go through the same disappointment. You almostfeel like a stupid kid being played by cunning manipulative monsters. They don't even realize that people have heart, that people feel bad, sitting alone, and remembering the once beautiful, and that people live with scars, scared. How hard is it to be honest? Why people can't just be true and loyal? Why the lies, the drama, the fake affection, and the shallow care? And the worst part is that you know that you cared, that you had the heart in it, that you never lied, that you never made fake promises, and that you meant every word. It's just like a bloody game for people. Andfor you, it was real, the real thing. You look back, remember, and feel like an emotional fool. And they, they don't even care. They never did.