• sinclair 6w


    I want to be able to love you freely

    I want you as mine 

    I'm tired of holding back

    Like a movie

    I want to be labeled as not just friends

    I really really want you

    Destroy me

    Particles of shivering hearts

    Destroy Me

    Ruin my life


    I'm not tired of people asking if we're together

    I'm tired of having to say we're not

    I'm tired of people wondering if we will be forever or never

    I'm tired of him calling you mine and I have to roll my eyes and say

    'Just friends'

      Destroy Me

    I want you to

    Because I'm tired of thinking of you like an illegal pill

    Where I can't get it once

    Yeah, I'm tired of  the filth I think about at night

    Washing, wondering, hoping your mine

    I just want you to give in

    Destroy me

    Because I'm tired of loving someone that loves me back

    And still says they can't be mine

    You don't want a relationship

    How about just unofficial

    I'd rather you commit

    But I really just want to feel alright about holding your hand

    Or saying words I know you don't want to understand

    I want to be open with you

    Destroy me

    I'll let you

    I'd be thankful


    Just tell me you'll

    Destroy Me