• disisdiplim 5w

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    You took the step and now you can't escape away
    You took the leap of faith, now don't shy away
    You knew you could fall, get screwed up once and for all
    Yet you choosed the path
    Now take the fall

    Crazy it is, to give it your all
    To mend the broken heart
    You are looking for thorns
    Thorns ain't needless,you need to see it close

    So now you find yourself back on the train
    Heading home all by yourself
    Taken all the punches you could bear
    Now your ribs are broken
    Here comes your grief
    Here goes your laugh
    Tell me what you found?
    Oh no
    Dont blame the God,
    Cause you took the step honey
    Now you
    Can't take back,back ,back

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