• _sak03_ 17w

    I just wanna say that nothing can make me internally smile than your one message.��
    Sometimes you ignore me and text very slowly...yeah! It hurts but it's fine....��
    We all have a special bond with someone, we all wait for someone's message eagerly..…��
    But that special person starts ignoring us when someone else comes to their life then it really hurts.��


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    Be like you were!

    I really wonder whether I was special for you?
    Or it is just to say that the old relations never break by coming of the new.
    It was a time when people used to call us sticky glue.
    But today why they don't say I have no clue.

    I don't know when, why and how you became so special.
    Like the next day to fascinate you by my skills, I used to do rehearsal.

    Even your late reply made be glad,
    Your smile, that damm smile made me mad.

    I still remember how we teased each other,
    Laughing at the jokes which are understandable for no other.

    Whenever I saw you in trouble into which by your mistake you were terribly pushed on,
    I acted like I don't care but internally I prayed to God to save you, morone!

    I miss that version of you were,
    So..please be like the way you were!❤️