• _senji 24w

    Wrong turns

    Walking down a long dark road
    Lights behind me as my shadow grows longer
    All that's left is the bulb in my heart
    I took a sharp turn to the left
    My destination is backwards
    My abode is miles behind
    "Wild goose chase" they call it
    I shut him out- the man inside
    I tuned her out- the queen of my heart
    I'm searching for life
    I'm searching for comfort
    I'm hurting him, the one who took my place
    I refuse to feel sober
    I refuse to look back and see who I left
    I'm on an adventure
    How dark does it get?
    How far do I go before I run out of oxygen
    Where does that road end?
    Where does light appear again?
    I hope to see that light at the end of this turn/road
    But for now I'm in love with the darkness
    I chose the wrong turn
    I chose the wrong one.
    ©_when he writes