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    By Adesimiloluwa
    By unknown writer

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    The Man Behind my Smile

    Have you ever caught me smiling alone in our sitting room at night? Have you wondered who I write to or about in my brown book? Have you questioned what makes me so happy at times? Can you guess the reason behind my smile tonight? I have been smiling sheepishly for some minutes now.
    There is this guy; maybe I should call him man, who understands me so perfectly. He is the most supportive friend I met. He is around tonight and his presence alone makes me smile. I call him sweet. He is the sweetest darling ever!
    This man knows me too well. We are close friends. I tell him almost everything. I sometimes feel uneasy when I hide things from him. I have told him about other guys I’ve met, the friends I care about, things I hate, things I love and so on.
    I own it up to the HolySpirit. He is the man behind my smile.