• pratibha__ 5w

    After A Long Time

    After a long time,
    You again crossed my mind.
    I thought to stop you and ask things
    which I always want to find.

    But it was just an illustration.
    To me you were always a confusion.
    May be you also feel the same.
    For you, I was always the lame.

    But I won't blame you alone.
    I also went wrong on my tone.
    Now when we are grown!
    Could we stop acting like unknown?

    I always believed you were wrong.
    But that notion has gone yearlong.
    To eachother we never belong.
    But we never meant disliking headstrong.

    You assumed I have attitude.
    Maybe my immaturity was so rude.
    I assumed you were disloyal.
    maybe I was afraid to face betrayal.

    Hold on! Let me take the pause.
    We are just humans with all the flaws.
    Past is like train that has departed.
    We are on a new journey that has started.