• hayleyj 6w

    Donkey Kong vs King K Rool 2

    Cold. So cold.
    The wicked body of a lifeless reptile torn asunder.
    Finding peace only in nostalgia; an ephemeral respite.
    Once a proud ruler. Once free from struggle, yet
    reality strikes, seraphic form with movements that seems to flow and twine with the strings of reality itself. Crack. Thunder.
    Is this how it ends? Confusion. Despair.
    It is not a Monkey's place to think. I win because I am.
    I am the obstacle of complacency.
    The wall which stretches endlessly into the abyss.
    I infinitely look down upon you. Oh curious crocodile, how you endlessly scale.
    The higher you climb, the further you fall,
    such is the cyclic nature of it all.
    Just as certainly as heat rushes through my veins, the life leaves yours.
    I do not pray thee fall, it is no matter to me.
    I have always been above you, and always will be.