• sunshinespectrum 23w

    I was going straight.
    Straight to the shore.
    You came and showed me a path.
    A path one more.
    I wanted to go
    Go to that board
    But I was already up
    Up in the sky
    To a flight to a destination
    Destination of no imagination
    But you made me imagine
    Imagine the real
    This real was beautiful,
    Beautiful more than I knew existed
    But this journey wasn't mine,
    Mine was nothing from that land
    It was your abode
    Abode to heaven.
    Mine was lost forever
    Forever I would go.
    Go to my journey.
    Journey was mine.
    But now it wasn't straight,
    The shore I decided.
    It was yours.
    saumyachawla| ©sunshinespectrum