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    Sitting on a chair by the window, one of the flash of past viewed in my mind. At the beginning of our relation,most often we encountered a hijra(kinnar) on the city street, asking people for money. Indians believe that blessings from these people are always acceepted by God. So dispite my refusal, you used to give her offerings & asked the blessings for us. Her words, "tum dono hamesha sath raho, khush raho", made me blush everytime. Such sweet gestures of your made me love you insanely. Everything seemed picture perfect then.
    Sadly, the blessings have been expired. We are neither together nor happy. Every day i cry out for your presence. Every night i drown into an awful silence.
    i wish i could have given her all the expensive things of mine, to validate her blessings forever... #unbearablepain #heartache #movingon #memories #shorttales

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    Are the blessings expired?

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