• scarlett_garnet 10w

    (It could all go up in flames)

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    War and Conflict

    To children it's just a foreign concept
    Explaining to them
    Could take a few hours
    Past more than just minutes to spare
    With added seconds

    It's not for embrace in honest
    They're terms that come to rise
    And so comes the topic
    Through exposure and normalization
    It has been something both parents
    And single adults accept
    Pushing through
    Shy on conversation

    Like an unquestionable fate
    To be trusted and followed blindly
    With no room for resent
    Despite the fears and stress
    Whom bubble
    As there's an increase along strain
    To the blood that's flown
    On account of heart rate

    No matter how greased the pistons
    There's always chance
    Of decrease in oils
    Much like the blurring to vision
    It could all go up in debate
    Running circles
    No matter how simplified
    Without the use of tanks

    War and conflict
    Aren't the fairest of salutations