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    This Darkness ⬛

    Life is a darkness.
    And in THIS DARKNESS, man wakes.
    With no experience, he walks.
    Not knowing what to expect,
    Not knowing what the future holds,
    He moves one step after the other.
    He is afraid.
    He fears the unknown in this world filled with darkness.
    He is scared because not knowing,
    Not being able to see what the future holds for him is so uncomfortable.

    Now, he sees a dot of light.
    He has found hope,
    He has found purpose in THIS DARKNESS.
    He moves forward towards the light but he sees nothing else.
    Now on his way to the light,
    He steps on others.
    His brothers, sons, sisters, daughters.
    He wants nothing else from life but that light.

    Now, he is in a war.
    Stepping on others, others stepping on him.
    He gets up again and again,
    Just because he wants purpose.
    But he knows not that this "purposeful" light is bright enough for all of his kind.
    If only he could see.

    And in his misunderstanding,
    He destroys everything,
    Hoping that this light isn't taken from him,
    Hoping it doesn't fade away,
    Hoping he gets to "purpose" before his death.