• ebendoor 5w

    Purpose! Purpose! Purpose!

    It is probably the simplest word in the
    English dictionary
    Not too long and not too short
    I'm certain of the fact that a new born baby
    Is capable of mentioning this word
    But as human as we are, it is an extreme difficulty
    To stand by this word, to live for a reason,
    To have an aim and to make
    Our wondrous walk a gain
    Of course, we all have dreams,
    Aspirations and ambitions
    Let me ask you this, what's your purpose and what's mine?
    Our purposes are always standing in front of us
    But we refuse to see them
    I never knew I was so important, so significant and so particulate
    I never knew I was that inspiration that brought jubilation to people's ambitions
    But all the same my purpose has been identified
    My purpose as a student, my duties and my responsibilities
    I see myself to be that kind of resource
    That everyone has made a lot of investments into
    But it's now my decision to make myself yield interest
    And how would that interest be
    It is expected to be immense
    But I will keep on trying my best
    So that one day, when I lie down at night
    I will thank the Lord and release any strife