• solace 10w

    Were you gonna love me like everyone
    Or you just wanted a different taste
    Were you gonna trust me
    Or you wanted the same mistake
    Were you gonna love with all your heart
    Coz I have been spending aeons
    Wondering when you're gonna say it

    "I love you oooo"
    And it's true
    I wanted you
    With all my dreams
    Every time I close my eyes
    You're all I can see"

    Were you gonna tell me
    I'm in your dreams
    Or you just wanted to read it from my post
    Where you gonna sing my name
    When nature pours it's rays
    Or you wanted me to notice

    Were you gonna tell me you want me too
    Even when no one believes you
    Were you gonna miss me
    When you lay all alone
    Were You gonna feel me
    When touch your blanket
    And your skin aches for me?


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    The truth is
    Our love story was a dialogue
    I invented in my head
    That when you come along
    Everything will be perfect

    I guess I was wrong