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    'Mom' is a word, only word we learn first when we see the light. Indeed love is blind and our mom has already love us before we are inside her womb. Her love is true when she scolds us with mean words, it is her scoldings that perfected us from bad to better. Don't feel and take the scoldings of mom and dad as light as a feather, there are also some children who dreams of getting such scoldings but got no ways to get it, don't feel pity of yourself for being born just because your parents scold you, there are thousands who dreamt of having parents and listen to their scoldings. You'll never realise the love of a parent until you lose one, so make sure you do what you love and what your parents love. Don't be happy when you get rid of parental supervision, there love is selfless and no magazines or inspirational quotes will guide you in your journey until your mom and dad shares their experience about life. Humanity is all we need and I thank every mom and dad for bearing everything to make sure their children see what they see. Let's make our mom proud. Thankyou 'Ima' (in my language which means mother in Manipuri)
    P.s don't show love by posting picture in social media saying I love you when you don't even like their scolding and love. Don't spoil the celebration. Don't make it as a trend to upload a picture like that in every mother's day. Upload only when you get the point of why you celebrate this auspicious day. If you get it, you are worth of living❤ just take great care of your mom and dad, you'll get respect from everyone. They will wish to have a child like you as their child. Don't you feel like hearing "oh that child, he/she is really good and is always a caring person for her/his parents, I wish I also have a child like him/her." That is time you celebrate everyday as a mother's day and father's day.. "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"
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    A person who spares her food to feed her own children and also a person who feeds not only her own child but also other children who haven't got any signs to see and feel the love of a parent.

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