• seiki_kei 5w

    If you like the me I show to the world
    Boy will I make you cry
    When you see the mess inside
    But don't turn from me just yet
    I want you to know
    I will always care for you
    I will always try to make you happy
    Before I make myself happy
    Knowing that you can now come in
    And see what I hide from this world
    The parts of me that want... No long to cut my skin
    The parts that try to pry me open
    The part that starve for freedom
    The parts that are oh so broken
    I may scare you away
    So if you aren't prepared
    Then please do
    Turn away
    But walk off slowly
    For if you run the monster in me
    Starts to chase
    Then you can never escape
    Whole at least