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    Who hasn't heard of Cinderella
    and the ball at the stroke of 12
    Her step sisters were horrible
    Just how deep do we wanna delve?
    Her step mom killed her father off
    or at least that's the way I heard
    Her fairy godmother stepped in
    way back when this story occurred

    Once upon a long time ago
    because it's never happened since
    Mice took this girl to the palace
    so that she could seduce the prince
    They magically turned into horses
    and her dress she could not afford
    She had to sneak out her window
    and got to ride inside a gourd

    You heard she was in slavery
    and that they grew arugula
    They used to issue her beat downs
    and abused poor Cinderella
    Those mice she kept helped her sometimes
    and could sew or so they suggest
    Her horse turned into a coachman
    and earned a 5 star rating “The Best”

    Her newly widowed stepmother
    must have had her nose up her ass
    No one recognized the runner
    who left that slipper made of glass
    It could not be the little snot
    she left home to do the dishes
    What fairy godmother stepped in?
    And my GOD child, what were your wishes?

    It must have been a long walk home
    The expired spell had broke her ride
    Meanwhile the prince gets a boner
    and you know he won't be denied
    The only prop survived the spell
    That glass stiletto left behind
    All the king's horses and his men
    sent door to door just trying to find

    By the time they came to the house
    to try to fit feet in the shoe
    One step sister lost blood - I think
    then offered her pussy in lieu
    The climax comes when who walks in
    but that sweet sweet Cinderella
    She was whisked away like a dream
    to marry that royal fella