• highflyer 9w


    You look seductive in this.
    You are triggering my weapon.
    Your pictures will satisfy me at night.
    Oh gosh! your curves bloomed my eyes.

    Welcome to the country

    Where my cleavage is the reason of being characterless or slutty.
    Where I am judged as one night date kind of girl by flashing my thighs .
    Where if I am showing my clevage means, I am inviting him to bed.
    Where my clothes are the reason of getting raped.

    So if this is the reason then ,why a men is not raped when men's penis is completely visible while peeing openly on road.

    My clevage is just a body part attached to my breast,not a reason of your orgasm .
    So relax your tiny weapon jerking off .

    To all my beautiful heroes,
    If they stare at your clevage,then do stare at their tiny balls and burst them off with your eyes.