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    I thank everyone to appreciate this series which started in a very casual manner and wasn't supposed to be a series. Thank you for all the love and support bestowed upon my writings. #pod #mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @mirakee @_krisha_ @the_writer25 @geraldine_mary @fatimaha @lovenotes_from_carolyn @zariie

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    Hi friends. Let's continue from where we had left last time. All of us know the universal law, "What goes around, comes around." Yes, I agree to it in totality. Try to spread love, harmony and peace around, you will surely reap it. At times, we get frustrated, when our feelings are not reciprocated. Even after all our efforts to be as amicable as we can. Yes, this is so much frustrating. But you know, good karmik credits never go waste. We suffer only because we start expecting so much in return and that is the sole cause of all the miseries. We start blaming others, which in fact ruins our positive karma, pushing us further deep into Karmik debts. Instead, we should believe that God has something better for us in store and always renders HIS grace in HIS own ways. We only need to stay patient continuing with our amiable pursuits. It may sound diabolical to many, but believe me friends, we mustn't be disheartened at the happenings. All we need is to continue with our good deeds without any expectations and you will see it with your own eyes how GOD sends you blessings in the most unexpected manner from unexpected quarters. And that too in multitude. Have faith, stay connected, stay blessed.