• saksheesuman 10w

    Power of talks

    Some people listen to you, understand you even if it's not about them that you are talking about and such people are priceless. They always come back for you. You are lucky if you have one such friend, you don't need many. You might know but still I'm gonna say it out loud..talks which make you put your heart out is the best therapy ever and everyone needs it. You may forget what you feeling from scrolling feeds on insta, but in the moment of silence it will come back at you. It's why people these days scrolling feeds at night, cos it's that moment where you have to acknowledge your feelings. You will scroll the feeds and get to know that many people are out there experiencing the same thing you are feeling right now which will make you feel good for that moment. But, everyone's story is different. Your story can be relatable to each other but you have to tell your story. Everyone is different person with different story. You don't need people acknowledging you. You are here to tell your story and no one, I repeat no one can do that for you no matter how relatable they may sound. You are the narrator of your own story, no one can do it better than you. Might not publicly like many people do, but as I said you could talk. Do not make gap in your friendships cos you are suffering and you think you have to suffer alone. No one deserves that. Everyone must feel at some point of time that it I shouldn't have told that thing to that person. It's because you get conscious after telling, thinking what that person might be thinking about you. If that person felt that important at that time that you told them something about yourself than for the sake of that time let it be. In the long run it doesn't matter what you told them and who told you what. It's just you told someone and that felt good atleast better than keeping it within you for forever.