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    @my_cup_of_poetry .....this one is inspired by one of your post ....but this couldn't meet the beauty of that masterpiece ....♥️just a lame try ...��sorry I ruined ur creative piece of work ....

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    Some inspiring stories

    Once ,all villagers decided to pray for rain .On the day of prayer all people gathered but only one boy came with umbrella .
    ---That 's Faith

    When you toss a one year old baby boy in the air ,he laughs because he knows his mother will catch him .
    ---That 's Trust

    Every night we go to bed ,we have no assurance to wake up alive in the morning,but still we set alarm for tomorrow.
    --- That's Hope

    A mother who wakes up at 5 a.m in the morning to do all the endless, repetitive household chores.She does all the boring task just for her family 's happiness,with a smile on her face . House wife is not just a word ,it's an emotion , -literally it means "queen of the house "-an unpaid job with no rest and appreciation .
    --- That 's Monotony

    From being a classmate to soulmate , fighting against all the odds for their unification and to live till eternity .
    ----That's True love

    An 18 -year old girl , suffering from systematic sclerosis,a type of rare disease,having a optimistic approach towards her life and wishes to become a doctor ,to find out the cure of this fatal, incurable and rare disease,someday .
    ---That ' s Dream

    A white -haired old man ,in his octogenarian,with weak eyesight,half deaf,sacrificed all his comforts and spend his whole pension to educate his granddaughter and at the beginning of the month left just with a 100 Rs note in his pocket for survival .
    ----That's Sacrifice

    In continuation to the above one ,.....
    The grandfather 's only dream was to see his granddaughter stand on her legs,someday ,
    And one day ,when she got the job and returned home to tell this good news to her "god father "

    Alas !!!!!!
    He was no more and his last rites were to be performed..
    His untimely and unexpected death left a permanent scars on her fulfilled dreams ..
    ----That's life time regret