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    The tiny droplets of rain
    Drizzling from the boundless clouds
    The dark gargantuan cryptic clouds
    Camoflauge with the calignous sky
    The enigmatic sky resembled
    Dark memories
    Which existed in infinitesimal fragments

    The drips of heavenly driblets
    Falling on the earth as shining pearls
    Caressed the face stained with tears
    And washed the agony in the soul

    The flash of lightning shoot across the sky
    When the thunder roared with full passion
    The flashing inscrutable thunderclouds
    Concealed the echoes of the voice
    Which existed as shards of lines

    The unfavorable weather favoured
    the indistinct thoughts
    The thoughts which held
    the darkest phase of life
    The soulful rustic breeze caressed the skin
    Hiding the million stories behind

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    The girl in the rain

    The rain was blending
    with my tears washing
    the feelings concealed
    in the heart.