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    We Are FBMI

    We are called
    to walk by faith
    and not by sight,
    believing in the Trinity,
    staying connected to our Lord Jesus Christ
    to give meaning to His greatest gift,
    which is to love one another
    as ourselves
    and to express along
    the fruit of the Spirit.

    We serve His Kingdom,
    sharing His LOVE through the Gospel,
    building up faith for the individual
    and each other,
    taking our responsibility
    for the pastoral
    and evangelical,
    and also believing
    that the prophetic
    and the apostolic
    are still present,
    led by the Holy Spirit,
    with the Holy Bible as our foundation,
    all for the glorification
    of His Name.

    We are Faith Builders Ministries International,
    servants of the most High!


    9 Sep 2019


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    We Are FBMI