• ancy 10w


    Laying on the couch
    Hearing you playing the piano
    With a sweet melody
    Each note cuddling my soul
    Each vibration making me shiver
    Each tune is so sensual
    Your tunes take me into paradise.
    I feel your hand caressing my hair
    In the same way you touch the piano
    I close my eyes and I feel you
    Touching my lips
    Looking into your eyes
    The melody is your feeling
    It tells everything you want to tell
    Touching my breasts, my arms
    There are no words for me
    Touching me where it feels so rapturous
    I’m immersed in your music
    Your fingers are making love to me
    Dancing to your enchanting and sensual melody
    In the rhythm of your tunes
    Faster you go, deep inside me you explore
    Your tunes take over my soul
    My body is your violin
    I’m transported to another world
    I’m in oblivion for minutes
    Till I felt your firmness inside me
    When I can feel your fullness and every inch of you
    You’re driving me to ecstasy
    As I want more and more of you inside me