• swathi_ 5w

    The endings are always the best.

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    10: 30 PM the phone rings

    "Hey, Idiot I'm tired", she answered sleepily
    "I know, felt like hearing your voice"
    "Oh please, cut the crap, tell me what happened"

    The mobile screen smirks.
    6.02 hours later
    4:32 AM
    "You didn't tell me what happened"
    "I forgot, I'll call when I remember"
    "Idiot, I should sleep atleast now, hang up"
    "You hang up"
    "I don't want to"
    "Neither do I"
    " Byee, sleep, please hang up, I can't"
    "Should I?, babe"
    " Will you ever do, what I tell you to?, Idiot"
    "Babe, please stay"
    "I love you, bye *_*"
    "Love you too"

    Finally the phone hung up.
    Battery dead.