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    Day 30 of writing
    Grandma's box

    When I was a kid
    I always wished
    To get the box my grandma has
    She always kept it hidden in the attic
    And only in the night
    She used to peek
    Something inside
    I thought it was something cool that adults did
    The curiosity in me always ticked
    About what could be in the box
    Is it some jewel or key
    Or the map to unknow sea?
    It could be her favourite toy
    Or something that makes her feel joy?
    There were so many options to trace
    But It only raised the question to break
    That secret it holds for which
    she has to walk an extra mile
    To get that peek
    As I grew up the curiosity was gone
    And I forgot about all that
    But now as years have passed
    I remembered and asked granny about that box
    She laughed at all the failed attempts I made to find it back
    And told me
    It was a letter she first wrote
    Which was consisting of many loopholes
    But as she started to write
    All those mistakes were left behind
    But to remember that we shouldn't take pride in every delight
    She always checked of her beginning as guide
    I was heartbroken to not get a map to the sea
    But happy enough to learn a life lesson in this
    So I am thinking I should get a box
    And put a piece of my feelings in that...

    -Vaishnavi Tiwari

    And that quest of my childhood the secret I thought was too big to knew has this end of life lesson.

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