• reonkookie 10w

    That Was Incomplete

    Thank god. I didn't become late today. So, Alissey I'm thinking about eating hamburger from your lunchbox. Y'know I don't like to study that much. So, I was waiting like crazy during the class time and wondering when will be the lunch period? Hey! Alissey. Are you even listening to me? At what are you looking? Alissey said, ' oh my, my, my, he's so handsome. Is he a K-pop idol?'
    What? Who? Wait, isn't that Orrik? What the actual hell is he doing here? No, no, no, no, no,no. It can't happen. I wanna scream. I wanna scream out. Is, is it really Orrik? Wait, what should I do? Ricca totally got space out. Hey! Ricu. Didn't I say, 'heee isss sooooo handsome...... You know what Ricu I just want to drag him to a room.
    No, I have to control myself. I can't let come out my internal expressions on my face. Hey! Ricu. Come back to the earth. Hehehehe..........
    Stop roaming around with our K-idol in a dreamworld. By the way let me tell you don't you dare to dream about him. Coz he is only mine now. La,la,la,la,la,la,la. By crooning a song Alissey is going forward to Orrik. Ricca says, ' ufffff this girl is too much sometimes'.
    Whatever, I should just go away from cafeteria right now. Ricca is about to have her lunch in their classroom. Nobody is there, only Ricca. What is Orrik doing here in their university's cafeteria? Is he a transfer student? What should I do? Should I do anything? Then, what? No, I think I shouldn't do anything. Maybe he doesn't remember me at all. I'm just overthinking things. Also he has changed a lot from three years ago. He obviously wasn't that much handsome. At least not like a K-idol. God knows, what will happen in the future? I'm super duper confused. Ricca gives a big sigh.
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