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    Is there a place where there is no targets in our society?
    Target of becoming richest.
    Target of growing in terms of sales.
    Target of becoming fastest developer.
    Target of generating highest revenue.
    Target of getting married.
    Target of starting a family.
    Target of achieving what others have not achieved in limit time line.
    Target of overcoming your own previous record.
    Target we do not have target just on sales, we have it in everything.
    Right from educational institution for school enrollments and also extra curricular activities.
    From doctors to performing more operations and also to suggesting more tests.
    From singers to giving biggest chartbuster and also to doing more and more performances.
    From votes to notes (money).
    From nutritional to medical.
    From studies to jobs.
    From expense to income.
    From sales to purchase.
    From being first to being perfect.
    We have set targets on everything, laid by us, by society, by industry we work in or work for, but do we have targets for our own happiness, peace of mind, for our self respect?
    It's time to set targets for these as well.
    Target for our own time
    Target of being happy in any situation be it small or big.
    Target of having a calm mind.
    Target of not allowing anyone to dis respect you.
    Target of being Human.
    Ritu Mehta ©ritz904