• loverenay 23w

    "Fourth of July"

    Exploding and crackling fireworks, high in the sky.
    A glorious spectacle, every year on the 4th of July.
    The symbolism of the red, white and blue.
    The flag of our fallen, men so loyal and true.
    Those who faught in wars so horrific,
    whose lives were lost.
    The freedom of our country came
    at such a noble, yet tragic cost.
    Always remember all of the men, women and children,
    who were lost forever, killed or badly hurt,
    when you are struck by the
    thrill and excitement of all those fireworks.
    I'm completely honored to be an American
    and I definitely always will be
    I'm so blessed to live, where the flag hangs proud,
    for the home of the brave and free.
    ©loverenay 7/4/2018