• rahul97 36w

    Parents: The first God and goddess of us

    95% of the people in the world believe that god exists in every human body....But do you know that who are the first God and goddess of us?....Our father and mother are the first God and goddess of us
    Parents always do everything for the comfort and benefit of their children...a father can do hardwork from day to night, may be he doesn't say that he loves their children but he can prove it by sacrifice. A mother always thinks about the health of their children...she gives valuable and costly items to their children for only seeing their happiness.
    But most of the children in the world not give value/respect to their parents. For example,if a father/mother dies/is injured due to any incident....after 2-3 weeks they forget about the past and enjoy their lives by doing unbelievable things and even they have no feelings about their father/mother. In the other hand, very few people who always give respect and love to their parents.