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    There she stands quietly swaying in the wind-unable to take off.
    She had so many hopes and dreams.
    Although,now none of it seems to be enough.
    Her birth was memorable, but now she stands in disbelief.

    She was symbolic, she was astounding.
    She was patriotic, her heart was pounding,
    She stood for something and mattered to those who saluted,
    But since then her people's heart harden and their minds have become polluted,
    They forgot her purpose and the reason she still stands today,
    People removed the pledge of allegiance,and punished those that prayed,

    Oh America the great, God bless the USA,
    As kids we used to sing such chorus, but now as adults our innocence faded away,
    We left the stage and threw away our songs,
    We now switch what is right with what is wrong,
    She watches in tears while she slowly drifts away,
    People stomp on her,spit on her, throws her in the trash and tells her to stay,

    She use to be respected but now no longer revered,
    She now prays for the people, and begs them to remember,
    The reason of her conception, and why she was born,
    Why husbands, Fathers,and brothers left for war,and families were forever torned
    She tries to remind them of all the innocence lives lost,and the price they paid,
    To sacrificed their lifes, to die in the sun while we rested in the shade,
    That the rights we have today are because of the men that stood behind her and pledge their lives,
    And the fading sanity of the scarred soldiers that survived,

    As the new generation stand up and erase her speech recklessly,
    They become congressmen demanding that their opinions are facts..while kneeling to democracy.
    They tear her description out of the dictionary,while rewriting her definition and history,
    They slew her name with drunkard tongues and laugh with mockery,

    Oh, America the great, God bless the USA,
    Or at least that's what they use to say,
    We have become ophaned since we have forgotten our founding fathers,
    We live our lives aimlessly, as if the past doesn't matter,
    They laugh and say what's the big deal?
    She is just a flag, why should we salute, why do we pledge before God with a kneel.
    This is the 21st century, get with the times,
    We are now are dreamless nation that doesn't punish you for your crimes,
    But the innocence must pay with their lives,
    So, let's burn this flag, the one covered in stars and stripes,
    She hangs lifelessly in their hands like some useless kite,
    She's been forgotten, this beauty that's painted in colors of red,blue,and white.
    Physically she may still sway in the wind, unable to ever leave.

    But like a tricked illusion, with a hint of deception and disbelief,
    From another angle, you can see that from our hearts she has disappeared,
    She is tragically now just a ghost-that once use to be here.

    Still I'll say, to all the Americans out there,
    That still remember her and care.
    Happy Independence Day.����������������

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    ||Stars and Stripes||

    "Oh, America the great, God bless the USA,
    Or at least that's what they use to say,"(read caption)