• zimba00 5w

    What a day. What a wonderful day !

    Every bit of the day till now.
    I could say there wasn't a point where I could say no to.
    Such a beautiful moments.

    My camera is loaded with all those happiness.

    From the pookal to the last bit of saying a bye to amma , achan and dhudhu .

    There isn't a packed words to tell all of the day.

    From the moment of getting ready to go to Ammus house.
    Like literally I was dancing and smiling when I was taking shower.

    Then we all were there . Me anthu blooming with smile.
    Hieeeeeeee enn .

    I was so happy so happy to share a day with Ammu and all that.
    I was silent and enjoying each and every bit Da. So wonderful it was.
    Feels lucky and blessed to be with everyone.

    Amma anthu. Her hands are magic
    So delicious food from breakfast to the snack to lunch .. finger licking was my finishing touch of all what I had.
    So delicious.

    There's a saying that goes like this.
    " Anyone can fill someone's hunger with food , but filling the heart with the same food is not that easy. "
    When you get both what else do you need in your lifetime.

    I'm gonna remember the whole day , throughout. Each Onam I pass through there would be a day where I say " 11/9/19 Onam at Ammu's place was so beautiful "

    I took myself a time to learn .
    And I learnt -- looking everyone being happy , yes it really brings a great amount of joy to me.
    Me my camera had the best memories to tell.


    Whole lot to say.

    Wait for the next post.
    Ammu is here online as soon as Ammu goes to bed I'll be telling you every bit of the day.

    From happy Onam to
    Happiest Onam .

    Photos , food , laughter , joy had louder voice than I could.