• chezeriel 10w

    Still blurry was my eyes
    but the shining smiles in your
    faces shows what the world meant.

    The touch of your love,
    caressing my yet confused heart,
    provided the feeling I'm safe in
    your hands.

    Like a new born cockatoo,
    scared and unfamiliar with
    the rules of life, having you
    as my wings, I learn to fly.

    Growing up in a world where
    evil deeds lurks everywhere,
    you outshine them by showering
    me kindness and unconditional love.

    From the moment I opened my eyes
    until now, you became my inspirations
    making me a warrior of life.

    Storms had passed shattering
    all hopes I have, avalanches of
    regrets that shaken up my faith,
    you didn't failed to be my rainbow
    after every rain.

    You're my hero not known to
    the world but is known by
    every bits of flesh that makes
    me whole.

    To what I am now,
    is the outcome of your
    everlasting support,
    I am me because you made me, me.

    And to that,
    I'll return all the love,
    and if possible surpass it
    more than the world can provide.

    My dearest mama and papa,
    thank you for your love that
    continously lightens up my path.


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    Having them as my Wings,
    I learn to fly.