• hopeheffron 9w

    Built on backs
    of our black brothers and sisters
    we saw their welts
    and working under the sweltering sun,
    we saw them treated
    more like cattle than human,
    put up for exhibition,
    Where along the way did we determine that they are not a person?
    we grow up seeing the horrors
    committed against them
    because we are so accustomed to seeing the persecuted always fleeing.
    We listen to their music and watch them throw ball.
    Take part in their choosings
    and when it's time to stand by them
    it once again becomes: not our problem, not our place
    They aren't fighting for fame or for money,
    they want solidarity.
    To listen when they say they just want,
    to sit at the table that everyone else is talking about.
    To believe them when they say
    my people are alone
    and we live in a different world where
    the grass grows differently beneath our feet.
    They simply want us to see,
    their humanity.
    That their skin bleeds when it's cut
    and their hair gets wet in the rain
    and that they too feel pain
    just the same as you and as me.