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    Hello everyone :) I hope my Mirakee family has been doing well! I realize it's been awhile since I posted, and for that I apologize. It's been a wild and exciting few weeks for me, as this piece was inspired by some feelings I've had developing towards a girl I've been working with for a couple of months. We've recently started dating and I've been really excited and looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us ��

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    My Love, I forget;

    In the midst of loving you, I forget
    I'm still broken

    In the cure of holding you, I forget
    that I was as bones,
    with no skin
    behind which I could hide;

    In the brilliance of your smile, I forget
    That I
    was never born with sight.

    And somehow,
    In the dreams we conjured,
    In the heavens we formed,
    When we became one, as two:

    My empty veins
    Felt warm blood coursing through;

    My atrophied heart became
    The timpani, driving
    The symphony
    Of Me and You.

    I soared upon wings to such heights
    That would've caused
    Icarus' wings to be consumed,
    And got lost in the beauty of
    The galaxies we're reaching,
    With our each and every move.

    When I'm with you, My love, I forget
    That I once tried
    to write of a universe
    That didn't start with "U"

    ~ August 13th, 2019 ~