• brianjames 5w

    If you truly believed in equality, you'd be here standing with us
    With your fists up
    Rattling your cage same as us
    Instead you look for ways to vindicate the very ones who deny you the same right to breathe.
    Until it is your turn to buckle and be forced onto your knees.
    Until they are in your home, standing on your father's neck,
    Until they decide that you are the problem next
    Their utopia is our death
    And you're so wildly convicted in the notion that you have a place in their world
    That you yourself are an exception to their violence.
    But I promise if you don't stand with us, you will fall next
    As the new villain, the next unruly, ignorant vermin they seek to eradicate
    Given comparisons to rodents and disease.
    I promise.