• invictus101 11w


    The ones soulfully awaited with anticipation,
    Though ringing with tones like every other animation,
    They bring so much subtle jubilation,
    That justifies the inflation of your agitation.

    You know of what I speak,
    Messages like a kiss on the cheek,
    Sometimes bare, sometimes Unique
    But given flavour by that seraphic chick,
    The attention from her thumb that clicks,
    Oh, how they make the strong weak.

    For some, It's an alert.
    Cash messages they can convert,
    To hunger and thirst avert,
    or for another week live like a plutocrat,
    Surprisingly reverting introverts to extrovert.

    They may come like a beep,
    Money-mongers would prefer random blips,
    Whichever way they ring, they make our hearts skip;
    The jobless and broke, some seconds hope.
    The hopeless romantic, every beep scopes.
    All waiting, to no longer mope.