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    Have to understand the limits of earth or else have to last here in limit!!!!!!
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    Tragedy Caused By Population

    #And here attacked again by an extreme cause
    Rapidly becoming reason why carrier is at pause
    #Pens r again down giving meaning to the blank sheet
    Speaking about the population to escalator which wants to meet
    #'Tis fixed that feet won't touch the gate of office in time
    Being pushed n irritated daily by the chaos of seats of bus saying your n mine
    #' Tis seldom marked upon the life's map that a hopeful journey i passed
    The density of confidence till the entrance of meetings gets washed
    #Being squeezed like a lemon have to pass those 45 minutes
    For oft, hearts get filled with anger like of teenager' s age
    #And what is the future, happy one? question floats in mind like tectonic plates
    Will i be able to bear daily these quarrel weight?

    How long is this going to last or the trend of increase in population will vast??
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