• angel12351 9w

    A new beginning

    I wake up every morning,
    Step out of the bed,
    Those drudging problems return,
    And fill my head.
    I say, "Oh, what a dreadful day',
    Hey, mate listen you haven't lived it all away.

    Its just the beginning; you wait and watch,
    Don't be in a hurry to push your raft
    Breathe and breathe till you're calmed,
    You have the control of your magic wand.

    Oh, come on preach it to someone else,
    Leave me alone or you'll hear my yells.
    I've got meetings, trainings and loads more,
    You're the one who has idle time galore.

    Well, I don't say I have no job,
    It's just that I can adjust my knob
    And stay blissful in every moment,
    And keep myself from uttering laments.

    Really, man, I don't trust you,
    How will I deal with all that comes through?
    I've worshipped Gods whole my life,
    Yet I don't feel liberation from strifes.

    Then, you're the world's biggest clod,
    For on the wrong path you've trod.
    There is no libération from any strifes,
    Or else you may lose living the life.

    Then what is the way,
    You tell me today,
    I am ready to do it in any way,
    Let me hear, what you've got to say.

    I will say it loud and slow,
    Its real meaning you also know,
    "Go on with the flow' is the recipe,
    Without any fears of your destiny.
    " Be responsible to what the moment brings you,''
    And see your life as multi-hued.
    All your worries will fade away,
    Only YOU shall stay.
    For the power this YOU carries within,
    Has absolutely no twin.
    Just with a smile, and head held high,
    You walk and walk aware of your sigh.
    Let that power unleash,
    And see the magic release.

    Well, thanks, its a lot to digest,
    Yet I think I am quite less stressed.
    I think you've illumined a spark,
    I will try and on that lines embark,
    And be the change that sparks within.
    All my worries will go in the trash bin.