• her_word_stories 9w


    To heal is to blossom
    from all the autumn
    to welcome the spring,
    To heal is a sense of belonging.
    Dying and being reborn again
    When new revelations surface when through the pain.

    I dont know what would hurt more,
    To express it all and feel the pain,
    Or to escape the chase but regret in vain.
    May be its too soon or may be its not meant to be,
    May be we will just let it be.
    Yeah! the trust was shaken to core then,
    and faith was shattered, still pricks the same.
    Not for the fallen love but the heart exposed,
    It doesnt now have the power for the same echo.

    Its the delimma that's constantly ticking,
    To be or not to be..always seeking.
    What's the plan, the man sitting up there wont disclose,
    why doesnt he just up with what he has to propose.