• livingpearl 30w


    Destiny took you away, far away,
    crushing down my world.
    Dreams shattered, smiles gone,
    nothing remained the same.
    Lost my way, stumbled and hurt,
    the guiding hands slipped away.
    Darkness engulfed my soul,
    draining out the last hope.

    Then that night, that dream,
    you laughing insanely,
    made me think.
    You belong to a happier place now,
    with peace and calm within.
    I smiled, in a long time,
    with tears rolling.

    Time went by, I moved on
    adding new colours in life.
    For I know, you want
    a rainbow for my canvas.
    I paint now, colourful ones
    leaving a li'l spot untouched,
    a doorway to us.