• between_the_sun_and_moon 5w

    I can feel you here,
    Buried in my arms,
    Deep in my core.
    I feel you here,
    Your free spirit,
    Grounded in your core,
    Makes my reds and oranges and yellows light up.
    You share that calm aura that it's hard to find around.
    You're not scared to look,
    Never put away your eyes,
    Unless, just like me, keeping your eyes tied to mine, makes it much more private,
    Too vulnerable,
    Too loving to handle.
    And you can't right now, am I right?
    Feeling like cheating,
    But our soul can't stop reaching out for the other.
    I feel you,
    Every piece of your soul,
    But with the awareness of the red.
    That why it lights up.
    You're cynical, but how come it is so easy to share you energies with me?
    Deep inside, you'd love to open up, but your traumas won't let you, am I right?
    But with me, it's like looking at the mirror.
    It's like sharing the same life,
    The same soul,
    In 2 separate bodies.
    Everything comes up.
    And I tell you with the best smile out there "shut up, you're just fine!"
    And it is.
    It's true,
    A statement truer than this is difficult to find around.
    If only..
    If only you could see yourself with my own eyes.
    I feel you.
    In my guts,
    In my heart.
    In my stomach,
    Hungry for your love.
    I feel you,
    in my mind,
    Deep in my brain.
    Feeling deeply your feelings,
    Going through what you're going through.
    Waiting for us to unite again,
    In body..
    And soul..