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    Verses Unforgettable

    Once upon a time there was a human
    Who put up walls so impossibly high...
    That no one ever thought that his castle could be breached..
    Until a naive girl took the plunge.

    Your walls stood so tall that it was almost impossible for me to scale...
    I tried and I tried... I slipped, I fell..
    Bruised my limbs, many a bone did I break.
    Victory was bound to be mine 'cause my heart was at stake.

    I painted a smile on my face, 'cause my lips were twisted in pain
    You took a look at my broken self
    Your face indifferent, as if your tongue bore a sour taste.

    You know love, out of all the damage I sustained trying to fix you up
    None hurt as much as the icy steel knife that you chose to drive into my heart.
    I stood there bleeding from my core
    And you stood lost in your world as before.

    I could have embraced You, you know? Bleeding as I was
    Painted your body red with my blood...
    Then as the indelible mark of murder set in on your skin, from the sidelines I would've watched...
    Patiently waiting for justice to be served..

    Instead I walked up to you, looking into your eyes, I stood tall..
    I picked up my pen and filled the cartridge with my blood
    Hence I immortalised the two of us in my art..
    When I wrote down these verses unforgettable on the walls around your heart.


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    Verses Unforgettable

    Cause you and I are a saga
    A promise set in stone
    I'll write a few verses unforgettable
    'Cause a story like ours begs to be told.